Monthly Archives: June 2006

Midnight rain

It’s past 12 and I’m still awake :(

And it’s pouring worse than cats and dogs outside! Reminds me of college days since I am once again studying and the trepidation of facing the exams once again resurfaces! Along with it, a severe lack of time worries further

Toefl – Cbt vs iBT

Since my Toefl is coming up and when I booked it, I could not get a slot for the CBT but only for the iBT. Hence I set about finding out the differences between the two versions of the test.

The main reason why I could not locate a CBT slot was because it has been discontinued since the introduction of the iBT which will happen from the coming July. Now on to the main differences.

The single biggest difference is the introduction of the new Speaking section which will test a candidates English speaking ability and hence moot the requirement for taking the TSE. This section consists of 3 parts in which,

  • The candidate has to speak based on a topic which he is familiar with.
  • Read a short passage and listen a talk related to the passage. Based on them, the candidate must answer questions.
  • Listen to a short lecture/conversation and summarize the key points of the audio.

Besides this, the TOEFL now consists of two essays instead of the earlier one. The scoring is also now on a scale of 0 to 120. I’m not sure of the earlier, but I believe it was a maximum of 300.

For score comparisons, ETS has released a score comparison table (Warning: PDF link)

Due to the addition of the essay and the speaking section, the TOEFL iBT is now four hours longs :O
That is one hell of a long test :(

The Jump

I have finally decided to book slots for GMAT and TOEFL. Actually started reading up on the tests and going through the site in my lunch break and looked for available slots in late July or early August. But that caused a mild panic to set it because no slots were available for GMAT in Bangalore for those periods except 24th July which I did not want to take. So decided to check again when I got home.

Now once I got home, I found out that I must first register on the site and registrations take upto two days to get approved. So I cannot book a GMAT slot until friday I guess :( :((

Then I went about reading up on TOEFL and it’s new scheme and decided to book a slot in it, or if like GMAT, atleast register on the site. Thankfully, there I could immediately book a slot. But, if afternoon was mild panic, the evening was “major panic”.

Why? Because I could not locate a single available slot in the months of Late June, July, August and even September, in 10-11 centers spread in 8 cities. This was for the TOEFL CBT. I then surfed back to the slot booking options and selected the TOEFL iBT. (Yeah this is conducted on a computer too, don’t ask me, I didn’t keep the name ;) ) And to my amazement and thankings, a slot was available for the 4th of August which I booked without hesitation.

Now I only need to start studying for the TOEFL ;) :D
Wish me luck :P


My account has been approved and I’ve now booked a GMAT slot for the 27th of July, but the center is in Hyderabad :(

et Finito

So the temple is finally a “temple” (before all these functions, it was just a building) and all the ceremonies and functions to deem it thus are finally done with and over. I attended everyday in the evening and took half a day off today to attend the final function.

Well, I cannot honestly say I took part though because of my disinterest. But I enjoyed meeting up with friends who I had not met in over a long while. Almost 5-6 months or maybe more :( That was good fun. Plus quite a few relatives had come down especially for this so met them as well.

Now it’s done with and hopefully I can get back to my regular routine, regular schedule and get some serious studying done..

Ps. My mom has gotten me a tiny silver ring and a chain-bracelet which is supposedly “holy”. Seems I’m building up a collection of jewellery what with 3 rings and the bracelet on my left arm ;) :D