Daily Archives: July 15, 2006


Looks like my GMAT preps are royally jinxed :(
Why? Let me try to explain.

When I first started preparing, soon after that there was an upcoming function which made me virtually give up all studying for about a forthnight. A month after that there was another function, the temple opening which again caused a break for a fortnight.

Now I am the type who, even after multiple breaks can almost always resume studying right from where I stopped the previous time, even middle of the chapters. So this time I resolved to study much more determinedly and take no breaks no matter what. But it had hardly been 10 days (by days I mean normal days when I have to work as well as rush back home and study for whatever little time I get in the evenings), when I came down with a viral fever. That caused an interruption of another 3-4 days because I usually felt too tired to even sit for half an hour.

Well I recovered from that and had been studying when yesterday I think I have contracted conjunctivitis. Now it’s not confirmed since by the time I could visit my ophthalmologist, it was closing time and she would not take a look at my eye. I’ll be going to the doc and will be hoping that it is _not_ an infection but just a false alarm and if it is, it’s relatively mild and will allow me to study atleast semi-normally!