Skeletor and Hordak: Partners in Crime

The Skeletor and Hordak community on has to be one of the funniest nonprofessional (not to be confused with unprofessional)comics I’ve read in quite sometime. Since Skeletor is in the public domain, anyone can create a strip on him and post it there. From the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading it, there have been 3 main story-lines proceeding in parallel. And all of them are good.

The strips consist of Skeletor and his interactions with his mentor Hordak. Since it’s got multiple authors, the stories are different in humor, quality etc. But they are all fun! :D


  1. Srinidhi P.Holla May 24, 2006

    Dude…the comics are really good…I am still ROTFLMAO . YOu got anymore links like that?

  2. AJ May 24, 2006

    If I get any, I’ll post about them dude! :D
    Don’t worry ;)

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