Blog Redesign

I’ve been working on a redesign, a new theme for my blog for a couple of days now. It’s a nice dark and green theme based on the Foliage Mod by 5thirtyone designs. Though it’s mostly the same as the original, I’ve made a few changes and modifications, a few color changes etc.

The theme uses Ajax heavily with a shelf on top. While I’m enabling it, it is still a work in modification and changes.. So please bear with me and do tell me how it looks.

Any suggestions and critiques are always welcome :)


  1. ankur May 29, 2006

    Looks and feels good … nice work

  2. Shruthi D A May 29, 2006

    Nice work dude!!

  3. Kev May 29, 2006

    Looks good, I like the ‘pull’ it is cool.

  4. AJ May 29, 2006

    Thanks guys :)

    I fell in love with the theme the instant I saw it.. ;)

  5. Haas May 30, 2006

    looks cool dude

  6. Jane June 2, 2006

    I love, love, love the shelf. but that is because I am stumped by own attempts. But I do like this theme overall.

  7. AJ June 2, 2006

    I know.. I love the shelf and how smooth it is. If you want, I could help you with it and get it to work for you :)

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