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Can I?

It’s been three days since I switched off my cell phones. Can I keep them off for another 2 days (One full working week).. I’m gonna try. Mom tried to make me change my mind and switch on my cell. I gave her “I’m preparing for the eventuality when I will ditch my phones” argument. Did not sit well with her.

Few friends missed me/asked me about it (I’m glad for that).
Most people did not/have not realized it (I’m not sure how I want to feel about that).
One thought I’d realized that I’d lost it long time back and so lost it all over again (okay I made this up, but she did think I was mentally ill)

I have no clue why I’m doing it. I’m fairly sure that a couple of new friends I’ve made (online and online only), if they read the past few posts will think I’m mentally ill.
Hmm, that coincides with my friends view..

It’s late and I’m trying to sleep but random thought flit in and out of my mind driving away sleep. I’m energised but should sleep to be fresh for work.