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All Hail

OMFG, it’s raining hailstones in a Bangalore. After such a LONG time.

Wow. And the weather is lovely. I don’t even remember last when there was a hailstorm in Bangalore.

Yeah :)

Update: Tried to get a few pics of the hailstones but was unable to. Got some pics of the heavy rain though. The haze is the heavy rain. The photos do not do justice to the actual scene though.

DSC03205    DSC03204

DSC03203    DSC03201

DSC03197    DSC03196

Fire over water

The cauvery tribunal has released it’s verdict over the sharing of the water from the Cauvery River between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This has been one of the most contentious issues between these two states, to the extent of causing extensive riots in Bangalore in 1991 and 1992. The previous order given by the tribunal was under appeal by Karnataka and it’s the tribunal issued it’s verdict today.

In it’s verdict, the tribunal has ordered Karnataka to release 419 TMCft to Tamil Nadu while Karnataka being allowed to keep up 270 TMCft. This is much lower than what Karnataka demanded and it is being said that Karnataka has received a raw deal.

As a result, riots are again expected to break out in Bangalore. Most schools and colleges have closed early and most shops are closed as well. Even we were given an early leave at work with most other IT companies asking their employees to leave early.

More information about the Tribunal’s decision at Cnn IBN.