All Hail

OMFG, it’s raining hailstones in a Bangalore. After such a LONG time.

Wow. And the weather is lovely. I don’t even remember last when there was a hailstorm in Bangalore.

Yeah :)

Update: Tried to get a few pics of the hailstones but was unable to. Got some pics of the heavy rain though. The haze is the heavy rain. The photos do not do justice to the actual scene though.

DSC03205    DSC03204

DSC03203    DSC03201

DSC03197    DSC03196


  1. Kuku March 30, 2008

    ya, we got a call from my mom-in-law that its hailing ice. We were in banashankari that time and there was no hail there. I guess all the hail stones dropped around BTM area and Bannerghatta road area. :) Lucky you.

  2. Swe March 31, 2008

    I was quite gloomy in the afternoon yesterday but as soon as I heard something shattering against my windows and I went out and saw the hail stones I was so happy! After that for next one year, I was happy getting wet in the rain ;)
    Brr the rain water was freezing!

    I remember hail stones in bangalore. I was a kid of 6 or 7 then.

  3. AJ March 31, 2008

    @Kuku – Yep, that’s what I got to know as well. It was an amazing sight. Thankfully I was home or I would have had a few bumps ;)

    @Swe: Totally. I was so excited on seeing the hail that I was literally shouting all over the house for my dad to come and see :D
    I remember that last time too. So long back, it seems a different lifetime :(

  4. Vaidy April 29, 2008

    You are real quick getting these pictures posted in the website when whole city is covered with darkness
    I just enough time to pick a few hailstones,,,this was an awesome spectacle and great relief from the heat

  5. AJ May 3, 2008

    Hey Vaidy,

    Yeah, it was a really awesome sight. I wanted to get closeups but unfortunately could not get a good angle onto the road. The wind was blowing water onto the cam :(

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