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All Hail

OMFG, it’s raining hailstones in a Bangalore. After such a LONG time.

Wow. And the weather is lovely. I don’t even remember last when there was a hailstorm in Bangalore.

Yeah :)

Update: Tried to get a few pics of the hailstones but was unable to. Got some pics of the heavy rain though. The haze is the heavy rain. The photos do not do justice to the actual scene though.

DSC03205    DSC03204

DSC03203    DSC03201

DSC03197    DSC03196

Midnight rain

It’s past 12 and I’m still awake :(

And it’s pouring worse than cats and dogs outside! Reminds me of college days since I am once again studying and the trepidation of facing the exams once again resurfaces! Along with it, a severe lack of time worries further