Looking for a phone

I’m looking to get myself a new cell phone since the current Nokia 6280 I have is giving me a few problems. I’m not looking for anything fancy (no “music” phones or “camera” phones) but it should work well, have stable software AND good gaming capabilities would be a plus ;)

Any suggestions? I’m thinking of Sony Ericsson W810i or 850i. No idea about the latest Nokia phones which are good. Budget of about 10-12K INR. Maybe VRS can get me one of the latest models cheap from Finland ;)


  1. milo March 22, 2007

    Hi AJ,

    I’ve had the RazR for about one year, now I’ve got the new RazR, both are working like a charm, small, slight, not overloaded with functions.

  2. AJ March 22, 2007

    I did consider the Razr but with my owning one and my aunt as well, that would be one too many model at home. Besides, I have heard that it’s not really that great for gaming which is what I would like.

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