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Underrated anyone?

Enjoying life is sometimes so underrated. Especially in the busyness (spelling on purpose) of modern city life.
Why this thought came into my mind? Because I have been extremely busy, with work and non-work. And I AM enjoying like like never before. I love this place and the atmosphere here.

Ps. No particular reason for the above thought. I just felt like posting something :D

Yeah Right!

For some reason, Orkut’s daily fortune (which I usually ignore) caught my eye today. It says

Today’s fortune:
You will always have good luck in your personal affairs

Yeah right!

Young grow old

When does teenage rebellion against parents turn into actual issues/conflicts with parents? When should it be resolved (or at least attempted to)

Superman better run

Uh oh. Superman better be careful. Scientists have apparently found Kryptonite. On Earth. How do they know it is kryptonite? Well from the movie Superman Returns of course :D

In the movie,Lex Luthor steals the Kryptonite from a museum. In the movie, the chemical composition is displayed on the case window in the museum. The recently discovered chemical has a similar chemical composition to the rock stolen in the movie.

I feel bad for Supes.Now every petty criminal is going to try and get the Kryptonite and try to kill him :P
The scientists better make him a shield against kryptonite now.


I quote Charles Signorile from Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Partial Birth Abortion

The Supreme Court upheld a nationwide ban on partial birth abortions today in a 5-4 vote. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 which was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bush received immediate challenges. The procedure at issue involves partially removing the fetus intact from a woman’s uterus, then crushing or cutting its skull to complete the abortion.

The argument that crushing a babies skull is a “constitutional right” is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard, and I am elated the Supreme Court rejected that notion. Hopefully this will be only the first step in a series of laws which will eventually do away with the abortion on demand society we currently live in.

(Bolding mine)

Can someone explain WHY someone would do something inhuman like this? And I do not mean abortion but the manner in which it is being done in this “procedure” (sic)

I completely agree with the author that to even refer to this brutality as a constitutional right is outrageous. There are many other humane ways to get an abortion done. Why this way! WHY?

Note: I only subscribe to the above paragraph. It is not my place or intention to debate on abortion because it is not for me to decide on. But the above procedure itself is grossly sickening.

Interesting Painful this!

Clamping down on rapists in South Africa | FP Passport

The “object” mentioned in the article above should become more prevalent and definitely legal everywhere. Some people deserve worse than what this can inflict!

Thanks to Aivalli.


My favorite phone of all time, my Nokia 3660 died the day before yesterday, of old age. The phone in my opinion was fantastic with only two shortcomings in my opinion. No support of MP3 and slow processor.

Anyway, as a result of the death, I have lost all my contacts, schedules and the email addresses as well as a variety of notes to self. And of course, much data which I don’t remember is there on the phone and is gone!

Thankfully most of my messages are saved on the memory card so they are safe (though I am not sure how to retrieve them)

Anyway, if any of you have my phone number, or wish to keep contact, please email, im or txt me your phone number.

New Job, New experiences

As I mentioned, I started on a new job on the 2nd. I have joined GE Healthcare as a Design Engineer in the X-Ray and Radiology department. The work seems fascinating and should be fun. But so far, of the 4 days I’ve been there, it’s been a new experience to me. GE being such a big organization, has a lot of paperwork to be done on joining and seems a lot of bureaucracy as well. It’s got to me after a while but then guess that cos I’ve never experienced it before.

Another thing I expect is that I wont get into a live project immediately since it will take time for me to get integrated into the team and the project as well as I will need to undergo relevant training so that I can follow the proper quality standards.

The people here are quite nice and friendly. They smile when passing in the corridors and a few call me out when they go for a walk or to the cafeteria. I’m getting to know a lot more people, although a minuscule percentage of the people there. There are just too many people there. And I do mean LOTS.

All in all, exciting and fun times ahead.