Daily Archives: March 14, 2007

Hosting switch

I will be switching my hosting from the current account to an account I am sharing with Chandrahasa. Things might be screwy and inaccessible for a while but should be back online within a day or max two.

Update: Things back to normal. The DNS propagation took more time than expected but everything should be working fine now..


Big changes happening in my life. I quit my job with Applibase today. I decided to quit for some personal reasons as well as professional. While I will let the reasons remain, I think this is a big step but then there are bigger things ahead for me. I just hope I can achieve them ;)

My next job is not confirmed but I have applied to a few companies in domains vastly different from what I worked on at Applibase. This should be a good and welcome change as well as a learning experience.

Ahh, exciting times ahead

Oh and a big congratulations to Charishma for being awarded the Rank 1 in her dept at Infosys. :)
You work too hard :P