School Meetup

Yesterday about 7 class-mates from my high school decided to meetup. I was the one who called in all the people and got them to come. Thankfully so many showed up (more than I had expected to turn up)
It turned out to be a very good time as we reminisced school times, caught up with each others and generally chatted and joked about how things used to be in school.

Took a couple of pics of everyone there:

School Meetup
School Meetup 2
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  1. Phani January 16, 2007

    Wow. I can’t believe how much everyone had changed. Besides you and Juzer, I couldn’t recognize anyone else till I clicked on the larger images. And even then, Abhishek and Cauvery had me stumped.

    Wow. Times have changed:)

  2. AJ January 16, 2007

    Oh yeah.. Abhi has changed quite a bit.. When I first saw him, I was quite shocked as well.. He has grown, well to put it simply, “large” ;)

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