Why can’t girls take some harmless flirting as a joke and not seriously?


  1. Samantha January 18, 2006

    It depends on what you idea of harmless flirting and a joke is.

  2. Ayannali January 18, 2006

    ummm same reason some guys don’t take no for an answer?

  3. AJ January 18, 2006

    It’ was just a simple comment which I made and the girl took it seriously like dont BS and say rubbish like that.

    Guy’s don’t take no for an answer for what? I did not ask her for anything.. Just made a flirty comment! :-(

  4. Haas January 18, 2006

    Careful when u flirt is all i can say… sometimes it gets bad… sometimes ugly

  5. priya January 25, 2006

    aw, c’mon, chill!

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