Daily Archives: January 7, 2006

A guide to Anonymous Blogging

With all the paranoia surrounding blogging and the spate of lawsuits, arrests, cease and desist orders etc, this is a great read for those who want to blog _completely_ anonymously. This goes very far out in using relays, anonymous email accounts etc.

Extremely good read for those who want to blog but don’t want the hassle of potential lawsuits, for example when whistle-blowing on a “bad” company or when one’s educational institute is very conservative.

A technical guide to anonymous blogging – a very early draft

Edit: I know this article is very old. I had actually published this post quite a while back but somehow marked it as a private post. Recently reviewing my meagre archives, I came across it again and published it :-)

Edit 2: Thanks to Dave, a newer article has been published and is available here