Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

Fun Weekend

This weekend was quite a bit of fun. Watched a movie, Wedding Crashers. It’s a pretty good movie with the starting and the middle parts but the ending is too cliched with the usual “nice guy gets the girl” ending. (Warning: Adult humor and language with some scenes unsuitable for the young)
On sunday, we visited an amusement park called Wonderla. And boy was it fun. It was an amazing trip. We have a couple of other amusement parks in our city but this _is_ the best I’ve visited so far. The rides were thrilling with some of them taking us 360° in all the directions.

And the most fun were the water rides. There is this huge wave pool where we spent half an hour playing the waves. Then came all the slides. Some were crazy, us having to go belly down on a mat. In another, the drop was almost vertical and the speed one gained was scary.

But we did all of ’em not. And fun it was a lot :-)

I also seem to have caught something cos my throat has been aching since last night. And I have aches all over. Serves me right though for not getting enough exercise. Need to start more physical activities soon ;-)
PS. Thanks to Swetha for the amazing song which I’m listening to right now :-)