Bangalored? Not anymore

So Bangalore is not going to be Bangalore anymore! What I mean is that the city is going to be changing it’s name to *shudders* Bengaluru *horrors* :-(

And why? Because the old name, Bangalore, represents the city’s colonial history, and Bengaluru represents the real Kannada history. Horse-cr*p.
I recently was in Kolkata for a marriage and while travelling it’s road, was amazed at the names of the streets there and absolutely loved it. Names like “Hungerford Street”, “Ho Chi Minh Sarai” etc, gave it an amazing flavor and rememebrance of the time when it was under British Rule. :-)

It’s one fact that the colonial occupation of India was not a well-liked, but it’s another fact to try and ignore it, forget about it by erasing it’s influences, it’s vestiges. It was, in my opinion one of the most important periods in the history of our country and one which has left an impression, an effect forever.

Though I am not in support of the name change, I unfortunately am disappointed in it and would much prefer the old name Bangalore!


Bangalored, the word itself means to lose one’s job, get laid off, and have the job outsourced, mostly to Bangalore due to it’s extreme popularity as a global IT outsourcing center.


  1. Charishma December 12, 2005

    I agree..People r obsessed with certain things that don’t require any attention at all. Bengaluru???Not good at all

  2. priya December 12, 2005

    if they’re so concerned about de-anglicization, why dont they change the name to benda kalooru, which was the origin of bengalooru?

  3. AJ December 13, 2005

    Don’t even say it. Bendakalooru was actually suggested. A few years back when his idea was in discussion bengalooru and bendakalooru were the names in contention.

  4. Swetha December 27, 2005

    I agree 2.. people hardly use bengaluru even while conversing in kannada! It wil b weird when people from outside bengaluru start using it! Btw i would welcome a few more great CnH quotes!

  5. AJ December 27, 2005

    Well I’m going to enjoy it till it’s changed which should be sometime november 2k6.

    I’ll send the C&H quotes in the evening. It’s on my home PC!

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