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Nadia Ali – iiO

Remember the runaway hit in 2001 titled Rapture by the band iiO. It is one of my favorite songs and I had loved the video due to the model featured in the video. I just found out that the model was none other than the singer of the song, also the lyricist Nadia Ali. She is one of the two member of the band. And man she is hot and pretty too ;) . I loved the video due to her but never knew her name or any other information about her.

Oh and did I mention she is a very good singer? I love her voice and singing style with the slow drag she gives to the songs..

Check out Rapture the rapture video.

Dani California – RHCP

Dani California is the latest single from Red Hot Chilli Peppers and is also a part of their latest album, Stadium Arcadium. The music is typical RHCP but it’s the video which is very different. In this, they have, in their way, paid homage (parodied ?) to the best rock bands from the sixties.

I watched the video yesterday and was left laughing at their idea and antics. I mean, some of the bands they have represented (which I could identify) were so real looking I was amazed. Watch the video and try to identify the bands on your own before reading further. It contains the bands I identified, and am quite certain about.