Tempus Fugit

Oh yes it does.. It was just sometime ago that I was going through the whole application process. And now it seems to be that time again.

Work had been hectic the past few weeks. Completed a major task at work so things are better now and seem to be slowing down now.

Got a new MP3 player, a SanDisk Sansa Fuze. It’s flash based and really cool. My colleague thinks it is very cute (yes she is a girl ;) )

I’ll soon be joining a short course called Social Entrepreneurship Outreach Program (SEOP) by a group known as Center for Social Initiatives and Management (CSIM).

Oh and I’ve been reading quite a few books as usual. Quick list of books I’ve read recently:

Oh and I think there were a few more but I don’t remember. I’m sure you can imagine why ;)
These are in the past 4-5 months (except the Watchmen Graphic novel)
More later.. Hopefully..


  1. Pramod Biligiri June 14, 2009

    Man you shouldn’t print such a long list of books read. Have you considered what it does to the morale of your readers? :)

    That Making Money book seems damn interesting! Moist von Lipwig..hehehe. He’s mocking Ludwig von Mises I presume.

  2. Swe June 14, 2009

    Me likes watchmen! :)
    And Busy man, make some time!

  3. AJ June 14, 2009

    @Pramod: Hehe.. Well I thought it was pretty safe since I don’t HAVE too many readers ;)

    Making money is hilariously funny. Especially those well versed with Discworld. But I have no idea about Ludwig Von Mises so can’t really say if Lipwig is a take on him.

    @Swe: I don’t know. Somehow I’ve found the story overly hyped. Somehow did not connect as much as the ravers rave over it.
    Well busy I was, am not and again will be soon. My apps are starting which is going to now take a lot more of my time :(

  4. Pramod Biligiri June 15, 2009

    My apps are starting which is going to now take a lot more of my time

    One of my friends did a thorough app process recently and even got into a college. That effort alone convinced me to stay away from the MBA process :D You can see his sigh of relief here: http://vinaygmurthy.livejournal.com/37290.html

  5. AJ June 15, 2009

    Wow.. Thanks for the link. Perhaps I’ll email him for some pointers ;)

    And you now have to help with my essays too… Please.. Pretty please :D

    Ps. For some reason, your comment always gets moderated.. Are you doing something funky?

  6. Pramod Biligiri June 16, 2009

    Sure, feel free to mail him!

    Hmmmm..Ok I will agree to review your essays. But I expect to be in London for another month so can’t be sure how useful I can be :)

    No idea why my comment goes into mod queue. I am using the latest FF on WinXp. Let me see, this time I’ve ticked the Notify by email checkbox.

  7. Swe June 17, 2009

    I’ve read 6 novels in Watchmen. I like Rorschachs narration the best :)

  8. AJ June 17, 2009

    @Pramod: Yeah will do.. And well my essays will be in some form in another month so you have a bit of time :)

    And no idea what did the trick but now your comments go through unmoderated..

    @Swe: What 6 novels?

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