Bangalore Bloggers Meet

The Bangalore Bloggers Meet happened. And it ROCKED. More than 40 bloggers from Bangalore, Mumbai and two from Germany (who are in Bangalore) as well as a couple of non-bloggers (journalists, short-film makers) gathered in Brew HaHa and had a blast.

For the first half an hour or so, everyone introduced themselves. And the sheer variety was impressive in itself. Once the intros were done, we ordered coffees from a good selection of delicious menu and got on with discussions on various topics.

The first point on the agenda was to decide the agenda for the Barcamp later this month. A lot of topics for discussion were decided upon during which your’s truly volunteered to give a talk on various blog platforms, and how to start up on blogging.

Then someone (with deep apologies because I forget the name RK) gave a talk on micro-financing blogging(something which was not of my interest) while demoed Pownce to a few people. Then people discussed starting a campaign for social awareness. Lastly, just before we broke up, I floated an idea to start a site for Bangalore Bloggers where bloggers from Bangalore would contribute articles, as well as aggregated contents from all contributors would be available for reading (a la livejournal friends page)

The meeting went about an hour or so more than scheduled but I am sure no one was complaining. After the break up, some of us went down to purple haze for beer where Sanjukta ended up getting high and Snigdha wanting to dance but for the lack of a dance floor :D

Oh and it was Sridhar’s birthday so he got “pseudo” birthday bumps ;)

Pics from the meet:

DSC02307 DSC02311 DSC02310 DSC02308 DSC02311

More pics from the meet at Blogaloreans

Others bloggers who covered the meet”

Prashanth, Neha, Adheeth, Jerry, Kpowerinfinity (Sorry I don’t remember your name :( ), Sridhar, Bikram

Edit: Updated Adheeth’s name

Edit: Corrected RK’s talk topic and update with his name. My apologies RK


  1. Adheeth July 22, 2007

    hey u spelled my name wrong!! :)

  2. kpowerinfinity July 22, 2007

    That’s alright! You can keep calling me kpowerinfinity :)

  3. Jayanth July 22, 2007

    Purple haze was fun.. We actually moved to Legends Of Rock in the rain.. Good fun overall..

  4. AJ July 22, 2007

    @Adheeth: My apologies. I’ve fixed it now :)
    @Kpowerinfinity: What is your real name? I tried to find out but could not..
    @Jayanth: Yeah purple haze rocks. I love the music there..

  5. kpowerinfinity July 22, 2007


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  7. Rk July 23, 2007

    micro-financing ? LOL is micro-blogging.
    I was late by more than an hour, so did not join you guys..but I was there sitting far from you all.

  8. AJ July 23, 2007

    Ooooops.. My deep apologies RK. I actually missed your talk (could not hear you completely) and someone mentioned that you were talking about “Micro-financing”

    That’ll teach me not to go simply by second hand information :D

  9. meninweb July 23, 2007

    It was a nice get together. I put a nice picture from this event which gives a clear message about the Bloggers Meet.

  10. AJ July 23, 2007

    That’s really cool. But is the monthly meet final? I think it was suggested but not finalised (though I could be wrong)

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  13. Rk July 23, 2007

    AJ, I did not talk !! I did not even join you guys but was sitting in the other corner. I came late !!
    I *think* it was micro-blogging (twitter, jaiku) but I am not right person to even guess if someone did not talk on micro-financing !! :)

  14. AJ July 23, 2007

    Ok, now I am positively embarrassed. I will confirm who it was and what the topic was now..

    Btw, I was the one who volunteered to speak on micro-blogging at the barcamp. So maybe you got confused when you heard that… :-/

  15. Bikram July 23, 2007

    Hey, U forgot to add me. :(

    Check my related post – genius @ play

    Catch u at BarCamp.

  16. AJ July 23, 2007

    Thanks for the link Bikram. I have updated the post. I picked up the links from the groups thread sometime yesterday so I missed yours.

  17. Rk July 24, 2007

    Yeah..may be I am confused. Sorry if I am wrong.

  18. AJ July 24, 2007

    No sweat RK. I’m in the same state as you.. :)

  19. Suzanna October 7, 2007

    Next time, call me for this! :-)

  20. AJ October 8, 2007

    Suzanna, will do. I will send out an email when the date for the next meet is decided.

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