Midnight rain

It’s past 12 and I’m still awake :(

And it’s pouring worse than cats and dogs outside! Reminds me of college days since I am once again studying and the trepidation of facing the exams once again resurfaces! Along with it, a severe lack of time worries further


  1. priya June 20, 2006

    deja vu? ’tis a principle that no matter what, studying will always be done in the last minute.
    it reminds me of when it rains cats and dogs the whole night, and you want to fall asleep hoping tht the exam tomorrow morning [or rather, a few hours away] will be cancelled due to floods.

  2. AJ June 20, 2006

    I guess that mentality is imbued in all engineering students no? :D

    I want to wish the same, but only this time I actually want to give the tests soon so that I can go ahead with other stuff.. And besides, the tests are still a long way away :(

  3. Haas June 20, 2006

    Oh ya it was raining pretty heavy last night… I was up reading as well but not for an exam :P just “The Fountainhead”

  4. preethi June 20, 2006

    Hey, I think you are doing fine and you have ample time. Chill.. you will do well :)

  5. AJ June 20, 2006

    @Haas: Reading the Fountainhead is like reading for the darn exams, only the exam of life :D

    @Preethi: I don’t think I am doing well. Infact I know. I need to do improve

  6. simar August 9, 2006

    Actually it seems that you have some visitors: you should thank Google for that. TOEFL in blog search pops up with ur page as the first link.

    Can u recommend how long a time I should set aside for preparing for TOEFL?

    do u mean(pls refer to ur comment :) ) that you don’t like Fountainhead? Though it sometimes becomes too artificial and has too much of glory than real stuff, I still think it’s a good book. What say u?


  7. AJ August 10, 2006

    Wow.. I’m surprised my page ranks so high, but of course pleased as well :)
    Well preparation time of course depends on your comfortability with English. If you have been speaking english for atleast 6-7 years and are very comfortable with it’s usage and idioms, then 2 weeks should be more than sufficient. I myself, personally, prepared for Toefl for a total of 8 days. But then that’s cos I’m quite comfortable with listening to the american accent. And I had already prepared for the Reading Comprehension as well as the essays while studying for GMAT. So my main hurdle was the speaking section.

    About The Fountainhead, I definitely agree it’s a great book. I have heard such reviews that it has to be good. It’s just that I have not read it _yet_, mainly due to two reasons. One, lack of time, and second, It’s just too big and if I commit to reading it, I am sure it will destroy my daily schedule for atleast a week if I go full force at it and longer if I read it at a lesser pace.
    And I just can’t afford that. But I do promise, I will read it one day :)

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