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Heroes Episode 20 – A Critique

Warning: This post will likely contain spoilers though I will try to keep them to a minimum.

The previous Heroes episode, #20 – “Five Years Gone” along with #19 – “.07%” made a lot of plot lines clear and also gave a sort of future direction to the series. Sort of because due to the time traveling Hiro, the future can potentialy be affected so it can be “retconned” (okay I don’t know the right word but you get the meaning right? ;) )
That brings me to the main point I want to put across here. Episode 20 depicts the time traveling Hiro and Ando going 5 years into the future (Hiro again makes an error and lands there). The world is very different and the people are very different, having changed a lot in the past 5 years.

But that is the main problem with messing with time and the future. Now either Tim Kring (The series creator) will use Hiro’s ability to change the future by changing the past which is the present in actuality (did someone actually understand this sentence?) and thus “retcon” the future into a different future.

Additionally, with so many characters in Heroes, hence so many parallel story threads, the entire storyline can get confusing for viewers. While it has been fine so far, I hope it does not happen in the future and the director keeps a firm grasp on the various threads and the time traveling stories.

Oh and Tim, please please please bring Isaac back to life. He was one of my favorite characters, especially with his conflicts and struggles.