Don’t you wish…

That some songs were longer than they are? That they would not end and keep going on and on?
And no, looped repeat is not what I am talking about!


  1. Swe December 16, 2009

    Yes the feeling of they were over before they started or like you wish it had another verse.
    I have a list of songs like that but the ones that come to my mind are:
    Violet Hill – Coldplay
    Nayan tarse – Dev D (u listened to this one? I think u will like it)
    Sting – Roxanne

    many more

  2. AJ December 16, 2009

    Exactly. I knew if not anyone else, you’d understand exactly what I meant :-)

    I’ve not heard Nayan Tarse but yeah I’ve felt like this for Violet Hill. And specifically in this case, the song tagged with this post :-)

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