A lot of updates.. Quickly

  1. Changed jobs in September. So I’m not with GE Healthcare anymore. I’m with an organization called SPML-Semitech and a different profile. No more into development (at least for a living)
  2. 4 trips after changing jobs. More trips possibly in the pipeline
  3. Just completed THE MOST intense task I’ve worked on professionally. And to think it was preparing a document. (I wanted to use just a document but then it really wasn’t *just* a document)
  4. A lot of other stuff that I need to remember ;-)

More coming.. This time for real..

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  1. Ben Tremblay March 16, 2010

    “And to think it was preparing a document.” huh huh huh … tech_docs types are very usually deprecated with impunity. But actually project management is, to a very large part, a matter of documentation.

    I got a crack at a major “document” when I was still young enough to survive the process. (I think 2.5 yrs of 60hr weeks would do me serious damage, now.) A very sweet avionics R&D project seriously in the ditch … almost 15 man-years of efforts (more?) had resulted in a huge inchoate mess. And the MIL-SPEC deliverable consisted of a) a 3 volume set (executive summary, user’s manual, and installation) and b) change management of all hardware and software documents. Herding cats? I had to herd cats … something like 150 cats, including Detailed Design Documents. Herculean effort. I was 2wks late (on a 7yr contract) and under budget. *shrug*

    Most people are allergic to _techne_ … and most managers have learned to avoid _praxis_ like the plague. Both groups have appreciated that BS and personality politics are more reliable tactics when it comes to careerism.
    #opportunism #matrix #borg huh huh huh


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