Barcamp Bangalore 8

Barcamp Bangalore 8 was announced sometime recently. So I headed to the Barcamp Bangalore site to check out the details and was shocked.

The site’s homepage has been changed to something so tacky, and my first reaction was, wtf, it’s so fugly. Ugh.. C’mon guys, do something better than that..

Anyway, Barcamp Bangalore has been announced for March 7th & 8th.. I’m booking my calendar today ;)


  1. Aswin February 11, 2009

    Hello do u know why the registration is closed down currently?

  2. AJ February 11, 2009

    Hi Aswin,

    While I’m not really sure why the registrations have been closed, I would guess that some of the backend logistics are being worked out.

    Check back in a couple of days and it should be open again :)

    • AJ February 13, 2009

      Hi Aswin,

      The registration is now open. You can go and register yourself for BCB :)

  3. Anuj Mehta February 27, 2009


    I am planning to attend barcamp for the first time. At what time we are supposed to reach on 7th?

    • AJ March 2, 2009


      Please be at the venue by around 8.30 – 8.45 AM on the 7th and register yourself. The opening session (Intro session) will start at around 9

  4. Anuj Mehta March 3, 2009

    Thanks for the info

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