Bad week… Good ending?

Elephant herd, Nagarahole WLS, Mysore DistrictImage from WikipediaSo it’s been a fairly bad week. Met with an accident on Wednesday. Hurt my leg. Was limping for 2 days.

Earlier today, stomach started hurting terribly and has been feeling uneasy the whole day :(

Going on a trip to Kabini, Nagarhole and surrounding tomorrow. Return on Sunday. That should be good provided my stomach gets better..

Hope to see lots of Elephants but even more a Tiger or a Lion (if luck holds)

Will update when I return.


  1. Kuku April 5, 2008

    Dude… what happened? Why accident and all.. Take care and enjoy yourself in Kabini. You’ll feel much better once you are back. :)

  2. Pramod Biligiri April 5, 2008

    Take care and have fun, dude.

  3. hemanth April 5, 2008

    hey guys surprised u didnt find the lions heheheheheheheheehhehee…………….

  4. AJ April 7, 2008

    @Kuku: Was crossing the road (on foot) and a scooter coming from the wrong side hit me :(
    Feel better now, the trip was good :)

    @Pramod: Thanks. It was fun. Lovely place that

    @Hemanth: AFAIK, there are no lions but only tigers. And we did not spot any of them :(

  5. Swe April 8, 2008

    Whats with all the accidents!!! Hope you are fine!

    How was your trip?

  6. AJ April 8, 2008

    Yeah I’m fine.. Just that some scooter hit me and I hurt my leg..

    My trip was good. Had fun. Will upload the pics today

  7. Preethi April 8, 2008

    Hope you are alright now. Glad you had a fun weekend.. take care tarle

  8. Trojan Spirit April 18, 2008

    Wish you a nice trip..Bon Voyage !!

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