It’s about time

Well it’s about time I posted. It’s been a long break. Have more than a few topics I want to blog but just cannot motivate myself. To add to it, the lack of time keeps me away as well.

I’d typed out a fairly long description of what I’ve been upto over the past few weeks but then removed it. Did not feel like rambling so much.

Anyway, several important events have happened in life. Some for the good and some I’m not that bothered about.

Life is a lot more simpler right now. Am quite busy with work (am volunteering for extra projects) which provides me with a reason to avoid people.

Anyway, more coming up. Soon. Hopefully.


  1. Pramod Biligiri June 11, 2008

    You should try to drop in the next time ex-Applibase-ites decide to catch up and have a chin-wag :)

  2. AJ June 12, 2008

    Yeah. I’ve been waiting for another of those catchups so that I could come. Missed it the last time and regretted it :(

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