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Clamping down on rapists in South Africa | FP Passport

The “object” mentioned in the article above should become more prevalent and definitely legal everywhere. Some people deserve worse than what this can inflict!

Thanks to Aivalli.


  1. swe April 17, 2007

    Thats one of the best inventions I have seen in a long time!!!

    Being someone who doesn’t get angry enough to even throw things around…. Every time I imagine what a women has to go through…. All I can think of is unimaginable Torture is the right punishment, not murder, not a death sentence and not imprisonment!

  2. AJ April 17, 2007

    Meh.. I don’t think just torture. These people are the worst scum on the planet and they deserve SLOOOW torture to death..

    Okay, a little extreme (and I don’t really mean that for any person) but regardless, such people should really be dealt with no mercy and harshly.

  3. swe April 17, 2007

    Thats what I meant torture… but no death for a looong time.

    I do mean it for ppl who didn’t care how the other person felt when he was off feeling ecstasy !!

    I guess I look like a person filled with hatred :D… but i can’t help that feeling when I read such things!

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