Daily Archives: April 16, 2007

Interesting Painful this!

Clamping down on rapists in South Africa | FP Passport

The “object” mentioned in the article above should become more prevalent and definitely legal everywhere. Some people deserve worse than what this can inflict!

Thanks to Aivalli.


My favorite phone of all time, my Nokia 3660 died the day before yesterday, of old age. The phone in my opinion was fantastic with only two shortcomings in my opinion. No support of MP3 and slow processor.

Anyway, as a result of the death, I have lost all my contacts, schedules and the email addresses as well as a variety of notes to self. And of course, much data which I don’t remember is there on the phone and is gone!

Thankfully most of my messages are saved on the memory card so they are safe (though I am not sure how to retrieve them)

Anyway, if any of you have my phone number, or wish to keep contact, please email, im or txt me your phone number.