Daily Archives: August 22, 2007

And another turn back at feedback

Kuku wrote:

Its so fagging irritating when some people ask you for feedback and then when you do decide to give them some frank feedback (which obviously they do not like to hear) they get all irritated and worked up and downright delirious at times.

My own team had a feedback session (Anonymous) for one of our leads with a facilitator to act as a bridge. I was not really interested in this initially because I assumed that it was for “critical” feedback but being in the team, I had to participate.

While there wasn’t much spoken initially, people did voice their issues (which imo was nothing major and indicated that most were happy with the lead) which was noted and put into context by the facilitator. But I did get a chance to speak since the feedback session also included positive feedback (which was that I had)

Anyway, the feedback was given to the lead in front of the team and very admirably, the lead actually agreed to most of them, and stated his intention to try to correct them and change them.  The way he took it and accepted it, my respect and admiration for him only increased and made me glad that I was in this team that any other.