Sometimes some of my close friends have asked if I am committed to the friendship or that what they mean to me. I always feel awkward in such situations because I feel that they’ll feel I’m saying how I feel out of force or without meaning it and instead saying just to answer their question.

On the other side, sometimes when I feel like saying how important someone is to me, I don’t ask my friends of stuff they don’t tell me and so don’t want to be taken wrongly if they are going around with someone. Or I don’t want to be interpreted as trying to say something else.
Because of this, i have stopped myself from talking after starting, deleted completely typed emails and erased such txt msgs.

Oh why so many complications and why do i think so much..


  1. Neha July 22, 2007

    Ur friend will know what u feel… But some people just reassurances, its best to give it to them when they need one…

  2. AJ July 22, 2007

    Yeah hopefully they do know.. But giving reassurances is when I feel that they might feel I’m saying it because they asked and not because I felt so.. Paradox, yes :(

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