I have my toefl tomorrow. Finally ;)

Unfortunately, it starts at 4 pm and with it being a 4 hour test, I might have to be in the test center till 8 pm :(
Whew.. That is a looong time and it will be late!

Anyway, I’m not quite as nervous as I was for GMAT since Toefl seems relatively easier. Buuuut, being as prepared I was for GMAT and yet I screwed it up, I hope I don’t do the same for Toefl :(

OT: Went out of my house for the first time in 6 days. Had to get my bike fixed before the test and did not want to take a chance tomorrow. Realized what an awesome weather the city is experiencing and was pissed of at having to miss all that due to these bleeding exams :(


  1. Srinidhi August 4, 2006

    Best of luck with your exams dude…..I am keeping my fingers crossed on you doing good in the exams ..I know you will. :)

    Once you are back go out and have fun.::P

  2. Phani August 4, 2006

    Good luck man:)

  3. AJ August 5, 2006

    Thanks guys :)

  4. Srinidhi August 5, 2006

    Dum@!%………..I thought I had told you to tell me how ur exams went. Till now I havn’e recieved any message or mail or call telling me abt it.


    How was it dude…and yes you can kill me next time we meet [:P]

  5. AJ August 6, 2006

    Sorry dude.. Actually been busy.. Met will all the folks for Friendship’s day yesterday and with another friend today..

    Toefl went well. The score will only be out in 3 weeks. So I can’t tell till then :P

    Ps. No need for the brackets like Orkut :D

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