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I missed having the most major accident to date. I was trying to move to the right side of the road and an ambassador came across the road to take the left turn. I was travelling at a decent speed so I honked my horn and even flashed my lights! He apparantely paid no heed and continued.

So I had to brake at the last moment. Unfortunately, my front brakes are not working in their top condition so they are a little ineffective. And having gotten my bike serviced just yesterday, the back brakes are a little too sensitive. So I pressed on them a little harder which caused the bike to go into a wild slide. I had to immediately correct the bike and release the brakes. This though got me out of the slide, I nearly decked the amby had I not been able to swerve at the last moment and thankfully the car had also slowed down.

So I escaped a serious accident today :D. Am posting this as a protected entry cos a friend of mine had asked me, just before I left the office, to drive safely. And with this, I’m sure to get scolded ;)