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It’s 1 AM in the morning and I just got back here after trying to sleep for almost 45min. Just realised what’s been troubling my mind over the past few weeks.. And I don’t like it :(

On another topic, I started preps for my Gmat but have absolutely no idea how to go about it and how much and what to study. Don’t really have the time to go for coaching classes so am in a fix as to what to do!

And why the hell does the damn song reflect my emotions? :-/

Why we should follow Rules

Well, today being the trek, I was returning home earlier than usual from office. Well on the way, just as I took a turn, a signal changed to red. So I had to stop in a hurry and just missed the stop line but I still stopped. Another guy had ideas to the contrary and without bothering about the red light, continued on.

Unfortunately for him, just a little past the signal, a few traffic cops were waiting to conduct surprise checks and hence stopped him. At first he refused to move to the side and wanted to continue on but finally relented. He spoke something with the cops and after a minute, the cops signalled for me to go to them. At first I thought it might be to check us and question us as well since I had crossed the stop line as well.