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All about my great college AMC Engineering College, Bangalore.


Been quite sometime since I last posted. Lots has happened since then.

My grandma has come down on a visit and two days later my uncle too(On Friday).

Then, finally the day I had been long waiting for came.

Bad day? It only get’s worse

This is how a bad day turns to the worse. :mad:

Most of today was pretty good with me sitting at home and whiling away my time. But around mid-afternoon my friend calls me up and tells me that our project reports were supposed to be signed by our HOD yesterday and he is not signing those which were not submitted yesterday.

But we had no option since our guide in the company was out of station and so could not sign it without which we could not submit it.

Nearing completion

The project report is done. There might be a wee bit left here and there, will know tomorrow. But besides that, I just completed the final draft of the report. Whee….

The presentation is being done by the others. I hope it will be completed by tom so we can be done with going to the company. Tomorrow will most likely be the last day of our little trip to UGSI :wink:

Ah well.. It was fun while it lasted. A long lasting memory for all of us I am sure :-)

Draft report submission

But first, Morning I had our draft report submission. We were not completely ready as one of the guys who was supposed to complete the report index (You would not now how long an index a 100 page report can make:wink: ) never mailed it to us and was ex-communicando in the morning. So we went in for the submission without that.

Now once we were in college, there was someone else giving a demo of their project so we had to wait a pretty much long time. And gawd… was it hot. I was getting frustrated having to wait there in the heat. Well we finally got a system with a cd-rom drive and got the lecturer to sit with us long enough to explain the report. It was sorta fun. We BSed quite a bit but managed to convince him that our project was quite cool :-D

Now all we need is the external guide’s approval and we are home free literally.

Then we all waited in the college just chatting before everyone decided to leave.

First experience

I am tired. Its 2130 hrs here and I have just returned from office. The deadline for the report cometh and there is still work to be done. I am tired, sleepy and pissed.

To top it, our project guide is on a trip to the UK and so all the report review and suggestions take place through e-mail. Just adds to the delays.

I will sure be happy when this project gets over.

Oh.. More bad news… It is only the beginning cos I am gonna become a s/w developer. So it wont be the last time that I will be staying late in the office for a deadline.


End of days

We are in the final stages of our project completetion. It is getting hectic with the documentation work which is not complete. And the draft has to be submitted tomorrow :!:

It is getting tight. Had a long day today with all the report work to be done. We should be able to finish most of it by tomorrow though. But we still have a bit of work on the project left over. I plan to sit on it tomorrow for the entire day. Will try and finish it within the weel :roll:

Lets see how it goes.


All of us have just about had it with Microsoft. Their products suck, period. For our project, we have been trying to install SQL Server, Sharepoint, all M$ s/w. But there is some problem with our boxes cos they just do not want to communicate with each other. It keeps giving some or the other problem due to which we were not able to access each other across.

The guy in the company who was helping us was pretty frustrated too cos he himself with all his experience could not figure out what the problem was. It wasn’t his fault either. It was just that we were/are using M$ products :-(

However, he finally managed to make them work and communicate across and we got the sharepoint server installation done too. Now we need to get to the meat of the project and get done with it. The deadline approaches at a fast pace :-(

College Fest

We had the college fest today. It started of quite well in my view. Decent crowd, a local RJ, Darius to judge some events and the usual bustle associated with a fest. I headed directly for the comp labs where the Gaming event, my favorite ;-) was to be held. The set up was not complete as the games for the event were framing a bit. I helped for a bit, not really interested much in it tho since I was the one who had organised it earlier and wanted to let this year’s organiser, Vinod, a friend of mine do it himself. But I did tell him some ways to improve the performance and then soon left to check out the other events and happenings.