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My project at Unisys Global Services – India (

Usefully wasted day

We finally spent an entire day in the company. But the systems are not set up completely :-(
Well we tried learning up some stuff related to the project. Learned quite a bit and wasted quite a bit of time chatting with each other ;-)
To top the day, our project guide announced he will not be coming tomorrow so another day of doing nothing. Hmm… I wonder how people get work done here. We have seen ppl chatting on Y! here quite a bit.
Most of the office is empty as the indian operations is understaffed. They are looking to hire a lot of recruits. Future possibilities :-)

Gotta go now…. Will post more updates soon

Project commencement

I write this from the company ;-)
We finally started the project. I have stolen the comp from my partner who is currently abusing me for keeping him unocupied :-)

More to come later…


Finally we obtained more information on the project that we are supposed to be doing. Till today, all the project manager(PM) would tell us was in very vague and broad terms as if he loved to obfuscate on his language!

With the approval on our side we scheduled a meeting with him to obtain the specifics of the projects. We went armed with a list of questions with which to assault him and get him to detail more about the project!

He was quite pleased with our effort and answered all the questions. At last we had something more concrete to go on in regard to the project. But we still do not know when we start. The system required by us have still not been sanctioned… Bureocracy.. Humph!

However, we should get a confirmation on our starting date by tomorrow!

Project Confirmation

As a part of the 8 semester of my engineering course I am supposed to do a mini internship possibly in a company. Basically I need to develop a project for a demo in front of the university examiner…

Through an uncle who works there, I finally got a project in a company called Unisys Global Services – India. Initially they suggested a project which was quite interesting and we were ready todo it. But unfortunately our hod rejected it cos it was not good enough for some reason.

Well we were back to square one.We went back to the company and explained our situation. fortunately for us the PM there understood our problem and helpfully suggested that he would ask other PMs and get back to us with another topic.

Finally after more that 4 meeting with them, we got another project which, wonder of wonders was suitable to the college lecturers. Then another problem arose. There was a delay in seeking the company management approval. That was two days back.

But now finally our guide said he has received the approval and that we should be able to start on tuesday. We meet him again on monday to discuss some issues abt the project.

But all in all some good news about the project at last :-)