US Elections 2008

This is one of the few posts on politics I have ever written. I feel it is significant and so I have put across whatever came to my mind.

Elections are currently going on in the US. I feel it is one of the most significant elections in recent US history; not solely due to the current economic crisis (caused in a major part by the sub-prime lending crisis). I think it is one of the most important elections because of the legacy that the new president will inherit. The war in Iraq, America’s diminishing power in the world, the whole war on terrorism, China’s growing influence. And yes, of course, the current economic crisis.

The presidential candidates (one of who will soon be the president, declaration in the next 24-36 hours likely), John McCain and Barack Obama will have their hands full trying to turn America Inc around and revive the economy on the brink of a recession and disaster. He will also have the sorry legacy that will be left behind by, in my opinion, one of the worst ever US presidents, George W. Bush. Whatever I say about Bush will not be enough. The way he has messed up the entire country and how he won the elections, all have been just a travesty.
Will the new president be successful in getting past these tasks, time will tell. Will it be a significant challenge? Yes.

That said, I have not really followed the policies and agendas of the candidates. Definitely not as keenly as Pramod (who by the way was campaigning for Ron Paul) so I do not really know which of the either would be better for India. The US still has a major influence on the world and as such, relations with the US are an important aspect of Foreign Affairs for India.

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Senator Barack Obama in Detroit 5/07/07
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From what little I have heard and read, John McCain seems to be slightly more pro-India than Barack Obama. However, I still think and hope Obama is going to be the next president solely for his more moderate views and his stance regarding the war in Iraq. Where McCain wants to continue the war, Obama is in favor of a withdrawal. And I hope hope that happens. The US should pull out of Iraq where they have no right to be.

Also, Obama seems to have a better grasp of the current economic situation around the world and is more likely to take the right steps in alleviating this situations.

Maybe just an intuition, but I feel Obama might just win this one. Let’s see what happens in the next two days shall we :)

Update: Good news. Barack Obama has won the US Presidential elections by a huge margin (338 vs as of writing) Celebrations all around ;)


  1. Pramod Biligiri November 5, 2008

    Obama will win by a landslide, hopefully :)
    Obama is quite intelligent and showed good judgment in opposing the Iraq war from the start. But both of them are duds when it comes to economics :|

  2. AJ November 5, 2008

    Yeah I hope so too.. I have always been against the war in Iraq. To me, it always seemed like a ploy by Bush to save his presidency! :shrug:

    As for economics, well I’m fairly hopeful that even being duds, Obama is better than Bush. McCain has already demonstrated through his speeches that he is quite poor in handling economic affairs!

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