2.5 Decades

Decades.. Long time. Another year gone past. Don’t feel wiser, older, mature or accomplished.

Heck I don’t feel too very different. Ah well, here’s to me ;)

Ps. Thoughts in another post


  1. Ravi February 25, 2008

    Well.. Look at it this way.. You’ve spent a fourth of your lie preparing for the remaining three-fourths (atleast ;))

    Happy Birfday Dude!

  2. Swe February 25, 2008

    Happy Birthday!
    Year older doesn’t mean you have change! :P
    The challenge is to remain the same sweet guy you are for the next 3/4ths too ;)

  3. phanivk February 25, 2008

    Happy birthday man:)

  4. Preethi February 25, 2008

    Here’s to you!
    One whole year of new experiences.. Glad to know you are still the same :)

  5. Sidharth Kuruvila February 26, 2008

    Look at the bright side, your hormones will stop acting up soon and then you can finally join the rest of us mindless drones.

    Ok that isn’t such a bright side, enjoy while you still can and remember that there will always be someone older and with much less to look back to.

    Ok I think I’ll stop now I really suck at this birthday cheer thing.

    Happy Birthday Dude!

    And may your next year be the most interesting so far.

  6. AJ February 26, 2008

    Thanks guys :)

    Well, not changing is fine, but then not accomplishing sucks too :(

    Anyway, the start was a good though. Fun day yesterday.

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