The Lifecycle of Blog post

A very interesting web/flowchart of the data flow and gathering when you publish a blog post. Though the depiction is mainly for hosted blogs (, blogspot etc) it remains true for self-hosted blogs too.

The entire flow chart is from the social interaction perspective of readers, marketers, spam scrapers etc reading your content and the chain reaction it starts.

Just like the chain reaction I am starting with this :)


  1. Anwin February 15, 2008

    Hi. Thanks for participating in the Bangalore bloggers meet scheduled for tomorrow, Feb 16. I would like to confirm your participation and I am looking forward to meeting you in person and other bloggers as well. As of now 50+ bloggers have confirmed their participation. Email me at or call me on 9880518019 for anything regarding the bloggers meet.

  2. AJ February 15, 2008

    Hi Anwin,

    I will definitely be coming for the meet. I think it is a great move by you and look forward to meeting you and the other bloggers tomorrow.

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