Kimi Raikonnen – World Champion

And you know why I am happy!

I am so ecstatic. I’ve been standing for the last 10 laps, my fingers crossed for the last 5!


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  1. Haas October 21, 2007

    I can so totally relate dude! :)

    You know what you hv got to do right! Get a replica of that car!!!!

    Ps: Mentioned coz that was what it took me to get down from the high!

  2. swe October 22, 2007


    I was jumping around too!!! Kimi’s final pit stop was brilliant!

  3. Suzanna October 22, 2007

    Hamilton it should have been!

  4. AJ October 23, 2007

    I am glad it was Kimi. Lamilton, while having driven very well, has made some really unsavory comments which only made me dislike him more!

    Oh and his arrogance.

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