Did it

For ever!

Yeah! Decided in the morning. And it’s done now!


  1. Pramod Biligiri September 15, 2007

    Who’s the girl?

  2. AJ September 16, 2007

    Why do you always think it’s always about girls.. It’s not at all about them.. In almost all cases with me, it never is..

  3. phani vk September 16, 2007

    Elaborate, dude.

  4. Haas September 16, 2007

    When is the wedding?

  5. Pramod Biligiri September 16, 2007

    Why do you always think it’s always about girls…In almost all cases with me, it never is..

    Who’s the guy?

  6. AJ September 16, 2007

    It’s nothing like that guys. Just something I have really wanted to do for a long time and finally got round to doing it last evening.

    It’s only about me and no one else..

  7. phani vk September 16, 2007

    Bah! Loser. What did you do anyway?

  8. vasudha sharma September 17, 2007

    cool ya..u getting all nice feedbacks on this….who is gal n the guy???????kab se….ha?
    m excited(u know 4 wat)…will c u this weekend…u rock baby…..

  9. Swe September 18, 2007

    I am glad you did!!! :) I am eager :)

    Edited: Sorry had to remove a bit of revealing info ;)

  10. Swe September 18, 2007

    Thought as much :P ….

  11. Haas September 18, 2007

    Congrats dude ;)
    Which model is it?

  12. AJ September 18, 2007

    Model? What are you talkin about? :P

  13. Preethi September 19, 2007

    Photos! ASAP :)
    (you can delete this message if you want)

    Edit: Comment deleted :P

  14. Swe September 19, 2007

    Ha ha… ingenious comment preethi :)

  15. Haas September 19, 2007

    I know its something worth “seeing” and photographing :P Assumed it was a car ;) (thats why the model question?)
    Anyway will you tell us or do I call Preethi? ;)

  16. AJ September 19, 2007

    Honestly, it’s not a car.. Will tell you soon..
    Preethi, THANKS a ton :P
    I’ll get you for this..

  17. Nova September 19, 2007

    Hmmmmmmmm……. What was this post supposed to convey?

  18. AJ September 19, 2007

    Hehe.. Nothing actually. I am positively surprised that it has generated so much of interest :D

    I just did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and so put it up here.. More as a “marking” of the day if you get what I mean ;)

  19. Preethi September 20, 2007

    What did I say Anantji?
    See I am treating you with respect after you “did it”

  20. AJ September 20, 2007

    Thank for the immense respect you are showing. I will show you my respects too when we MEET! :x

  21. 'The Girl' September 27, 2007

    Aren’t you going to tell your friends about US??!! How could you DENY my existance after having proposed to me! I’m appalled! :O

  22. AJ September 27, 2007

    Sweetheart, I did not want to reveal you through the blog. You are the best thing to have happened to me and well I wanted to present you to the rest of the world with a bang ;)


  23. Swe September 27, 2007

    hmm.. interesting :D

  24. Preethi September 27, 2007

    wow.. proposal? finally you are hooked!? we do want to know who this magnanimous girl is :D

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