Monthly Archives: June 2007

Futile Attempts

I’ve been trying to improve my Hindi to an extent where I can go through an entire conversation without using a word of English. I’ve mostly failed miserably at it because I don’t know such pure Hindi. But I want to learn. Problem is, there isn’t anyone who I can converse with to practice and no material from where to learn and practice on my own.

And only in this attempt have I realized how bad my Hindi is and how difficult articulating myself in it is. And people think I’m nuts if I try to talk purely in Hindi. A colleague has even called me crazy for trying to use pure Hindi because according to her, it’s to medieval :D

Some times I think I really AM nuts :-|

GPL is too restrictive

I want to base a theme on Sandbox but unfortunately it is based on GPL which I think is too restrictive. I would rather have it in LGPL/MIT/AFL (Even MPL) instead which are more open and non-restrictive.

Sigh.. I’ll have to look for another theme though I doubt any will match the awesome Sandbox. I wish Scott would provide dual licensing.


I’m gonna go buy No One Belongs Here More Than You solely because of the brilliant website about the book. I think it’s a brilliant idea to promote the book. Extremely innovative and witty.

Thanks to Neil Gaiman.