Big changes happening in my life. I quit my job with Applibase today. I decided to quit for some personal reasons as well as professional. While I will let the reasons remain, I think this is a big step but then there are bigger things ahead for me. I just hope I can achieve them ;)

My next job is not confirmed but I have applied to a few companies in domains vastly different from what I worked on at Applibase. This should be a good and welcome change as well as a learning experience.

Ahh, exciting times ahead

Oh and a big congratulations to Charishma for being awarded the Rank 1 in her dept at Infosys. :)
You work too hard :P


  1. swe March 15, 2007

    I’m glad you had it in u to go ahead and do what felt right :). Not many of us convince ourselves so well . Good luck with the new job!

    BTW I was watching HEROES too :)

  2. AJ March 15, 2007

    Thanks.. It was a big decision for me too and I did spend loooots of time thinking about it.. Finally I just thought, to heck with it, just get it done with and then see what happens ;)

    I loved Heroes. I’ve watched it in batches of 6-7 episodes back to back.. Been missing sleep heavily and now can’t wait for the next episode to come out :D

  3. swe March 15, 2007

    just get it done with and then see what happens

    You will just fine actually you will feel so much better!!!

    oh ya… i have been sleeping just 5 hours in the last 3 days :D .. even I loved heroes … made an entry :) …

  4. AJ March 15, 2007

    Yeah I read it.. Just before my mom pulled me out.. So could not comment on it..

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