Self Destruct?

Why do some people?


  1. Swe February 1, 2007

    I guess some people are like that! You can’t change them. But u can let them know how you felt about it. They deserve to know what they have done voluntarily or involuntarily!!!!

  2. priya February 1, 2007


  3. AJ February 2, 2007

    Swe: I have more than adequately made them aware of it but I guess different people, different perspectives.

    Priya: It’s not really that. They think they are doing the right thing and it is what is best for them! But since they are not seeing this from a 3rd person’s perspective, they do not realize that is not the right step.

  4. Christopher February 2, 2007

    No doubt if it’s a guy.. it’s because of a woman. ;)

  5. AJ February 2, 2007

    hehe.. It always is Chris :D

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