Questionnaire Feedback

A while ago I had sent mails containing a set of questions to my colleagues and superiors at work asking about my performance, my behaviour and my contributions to the organizations.

While the feedback has been generally positive (Very gracious of the folks here ;) ) the weakness/criticism was sort of common across all the feedback replies. I tend to rush things ;)

I guess I do that sometimes, not putting in enough thought or maybe just try to meet the deadline. But that is mainly due to my laying a greater emphasis on meeting deadlines than anything else. But I am now realizing that I have to lay more emphasis on thoroughness and completeness rather than speed.

Well, the best thing this questionnaire has done is given me stuff to improve myself on and other “qualities” which are appreciated by others :)


  1. Srinidhi September 28, 2006

    OK…let me guess…..did the review also ssay that you have to decrease your ponch? of something about getting thin….or wait something about decreasing the fat content in your body?


  2. Srinidhi September 28, 2006

    or something like get bigger sized pants :P

  3. AJ September 28, 2006

    Very funny! We’ll see how funny it seems when I squeeze you and make your pants loose! >:P

  4. Srinidhi September 29, 2006


    Yeah…lets see how much thin you can make me……I doubt if u can make me more thinner than I am now :P

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