Admitting Failure

When should one admit failure and decide that yes, this is not possible and give up on it? Should it be till one is blue in the face trying every possible idea and tread all know/unknown paths, then finally give up in disgust or should one save time and effort acknowledging that it is beyond one’s capacity. Both have merits and demerits..



  1. Preethi September 14, 2006

    what a co-incidence! I was thinking on the same lines this morning.
    What is the greater of the two- be stubborn and fight till the end or be a little more prudent and accept that you need to give up and move on. Even I came to the same conclusion, both have their own merits, but depending on the situation, depending on how much you have got to lose in the end.

  2. Srinidhi September 20, 2006

    ummmm…….whats happened to u suddenly? Gone mad like me or what? :P

    Anyways…I think its better to all the alternatives and then stop when they dont work out.

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