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I have about 2, maybe 3 Google Analytics invite code available. I had signed up with a couple of email id’s since I wanted to try it out desperately at the time. Having got one a few weeks back, I got a few more yesterday which I have no use for. So I can hand them out. If anyone wants, either email me or leave a comment within the next 10 days and I’ll send you the invite code. :)
For information, Google Analytics is the statistics application which has been partly developed by Google after it’s acquisition of Urchin, at one point, one of the most hyped and expected statistics service for websites and blogs alike. For more information, visit the Google Analytics site..

Update: Sent out all the invites! None left now! Hope those who got them have fun ;)


  1. emad May 13, 2006

    Hey AJ,

    If you still have an invite, I’d like to have one, please.


  2. pram May 20, 2006

    i have one invite, which i am willing to sell.

  3. AJ May 21, 2006

    Thanks Pram. But I’m not looking for an invite. I was actually spreading them out.. Maybe one of the other readers can contact you :)

  4. Sonny May 25, 2006


    I’ve signed up with Google Analytics a few months ago..and I’ve got no invites yet :(

    Could you please spare me an invite?

    My e-addy: pantulam-at-gmail-dot-com

    Thank you very very much

  5. Sonny May 25, 2006

    Thanks a ton AJ!
    I setup google analytics the second after you gave me the code.. thanks a ton..
    I currently have statscounter setup.. i want to see how both stats do in comparison
    I’ve heard google analytics takes 24hrs to post initial hopefully I’ll see the results tomorrow

    Thanks again,

  6. Chris May 25, 2006

    Does anyone else have an invite they could send me? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


  7. AJ May 25, 2006

    Hey Sonny, Glad I could be of help :)
    Yeah Google analytics does take a minimum of 24 hours to collect data.
    I use statcounter as well along with measuremap..

    I love statcounter the best. Simple and fast. Google analytics I found to be too slow.
    MeasureMap has lots of errors in it’s stats. Like incorrect no. of visitors, posts, comments etc. But it has a great interface.

    Sorry Chris, but I just sent out my last one to Sonny. If I get anymore, I send them your way :)

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