Winning in Adversity

This is a very inspiring story of a Tennis Player, James Blake. Over the past couple of years, Blake has suffered a lot of advesity, personal tumults and problems. But with a spirit which is very resilient and will power which is seemingly made of iron, he has come back and achieved what many tennis players only dream of. A Top 10 ATP rank and an increasing fan base and reputation. Truly an inspiring story.

The Dilbert Blog: Winning – An inspiring story about James Blake


  1. Thejaswi March 30, 2006

    Truly inspiring. “only one tennis player sent him a note to wish him well. It was Roger Federer” – very touching words. Stories like this always reminds me of Lance Armstrong.

  2. Haas March 31, 2006

    Truly inspiring dude… nice read thanks for posting

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