Republic Day of India

Today is the 56th year celebration of India becoming a republic. Declaring it’s sovereignty and adopting the constitution of India on January 26th, 1950. It was after quite a long struggle that India achieved it’s independence from the British on August 15th, 1947.

After the first government had been formed under Jawarharlal Nehru, India adopted the contitution, the longest written constitution of any independent nation in the world, containing 395 articles and 12 schedules for a total of 117,369 words in its English language version. (Source Wikipedia)

I’m proud to be an Indian and Congratulations to Mother India :-)

Edit: I apologise with great embarrasment that I mistakenly put the number of years as 54 instead of 56. My math is going bad :-(

Thanks to Ajay for pointing it out.


  1. Ajay January 27, 2006

    We celebrated 56 years of being a sovereign nation yesterday, 26th January 2006.

  2. AJ January 27, 2006

    Thanks Ajay. I made a mistake in the calculation, simple as it is :(

  3. Ajay January 27, 2006

    haha. anyway, i got into your blog from the wordpress blog about them coming to calcutta. I find your blog pretty interesting. Keep it up. I gather from your reference to wonderla that you are from Bangalore… cool place i must say..

    are you ajay, too?

  4. AJ January 27, 2006

    Thanks :-)
    Yeah I’m from Bangalore. And it’s a lovely city, still. I hope it remains that way, if the politicians allow it.

    Nope.. AJ in my case is for Anant Jain, my name :-)

  5. Ajay February 8, 2006

    no more posts???

  6. AJ February 16, 2006

    I’ve been lagging and big time at that :(
    It’s just that a combination of work and family requirements have kept me away, and for much longer than I anticipated.

    I should be coming up with a couple of soon though :)
    Thanks for checking back..

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