Better times? Where?

Ok, today has been one of those bad days which people wish would not happen. It started right in the morning when I was late for work because it was pouring heavily. I hate rain, period.

As I get in and login to my system, it would not connect to the network. I started up the browser and found that it all it’s buttons, for some reason had disappeared. So I tried to logout, and it would not log me out but instead froze the machine. Great!

So I hard rebooted the system as there was no other option and immediately rued that. I’ll be a little more elaborate here. I use linux. Though I am not particularly a regular user of Linux before I started working, I started using it in the office because of it’s Rok of Gibraltar like stability. I was a huuge fan of it’s stability and used to like it. But as I started using it more and more in the office, I started realising it’s problems. (more on the problems with Linux in another post)

Now, I am not a fan of Microsoft but the way Linux kept giving me problems, I have decided I will use Windows instead of _sucky_ linux

Anyways, with the help of Theju and Pramod I finally managed to login to my system.

Next I update my code from CVS and realised that for some reason all my changes from my previous commit were not there. They had been overwritten. All lost. So I had to redo some of the code that I had done on tuesday and go from there. That took a large part of the evening.

And then when I get ready to leave (about 10:15pm), I found it was pouring. And not just light rain but heavy downpour. It was late as it is and I was quite tired so I decided to leave as it is. And it was bad. I was soaked before I was down the road from the office and it only got worse. By the time I reached home, I was soaking, dripping wet. One thing I realised though. Whenever I ride, I usually pay very close attention to the road and more especially to the bad sections. So while coming back, even though I could not see due to the darkness and more due to the light getting into my eyes from the oncoming traffic, I was able to navigate my way through the roads without any mishap.

And to boot,(shh dont tell anyone) I rode faster in the rain than I do on dry roads. I know it was a risk but I just hate the goddamn rains.

The only good part of the day was the lunch given by Theju for his birthday. Thanks a lot, it was fun lunch and good food too :-)

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