Been quite sometime since I last posted. Lots has happened since then.

My grandma has come down on a visit and two days later my uncle too(On Friday).

Then, finally the day I had been long waiting for came. My last and final exam in my engineering course. It was a very easy paper but I did not do as well as I could have (though I did better than I was expecting before I entered the examination hall.) Serves me right for not studying properly. I am not sure what was over me, whether the anticipation of finishing my course or what the future holds for me. But it caused me to constantly start day-dreaming and lose track of my studies. However, I managed something and wrote the paper.

The next day, a sunday, I had an entrance test for recruitment in a company. Pretty nice test and relatively easy too. But I botched up two imp questions. The results should be out by this weekend so I’ll know how I actually did ;-)

And today, my aunt and two cousins arrived. So lots of people at home. Whee :-D

Lots more of work left for me. I have lots to do as well ( Not that obvious but oh well :-P) Most importantly, I need to get the photoblog off the ground. With all the recent activities , I havent been able to make time for it at all. But I will do it for sure this week :!:

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